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Thread: WSOP and ACR Twitter accounts get into a flame war

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    and yet they keep taking money from crooked leon to run the high stakes kings room at the WSOP...

    fuck caesars and their fucking bullshit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    It stopped after 2006, which is when the UIGEA passed.

    Prior to that, the bigger sites were actually directly buying players in to the WSOP and handing them their seat cards!

    In 2007 and beyond, the sites would have to set up shop in another hotel, and then simply give the players their goodie bags and encourage them to play, wearing the site's gear. The players would have already been given the buyin in their poker site account, and it would be their responsibility to withdraw it and use it for the WSOP buyin.

    That's actually what's happening here with ACR, except I don't believe they are setting up anywhere in Vegas.
    For some reason I thought they waited a few years after UIEGA passed to go to this method but you're probably right.

    I know people could still wear sites gear for years afterwards and eventually WSOP put in a policy where at the ME final table only 3 players could have the same sponsor so one year Full Tilt had 3 players patched up and three others wore a Cardrunners patch because Cardrunners was in a business arrangement thing with Full Tilt.
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