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Thread: Phil Galfond to start poker site

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post

    These are mostly

    The auto-seating sucks. I hate it on Bovada. Question: Can people even see which games are running? Because on Bovada you can't, so it's very difficult to tell where to sit.

    But okay... let's concede the auto-seating because he really wants to prevent bumhunting. Fine.

    But the universal buyin thing?

    Get the fuck outta here.

    Even he understands why it sucks. Indeed, fish love to sit at a game way too big for them with their entire roll. By requiring 100 BB to sit, they've pretty much killed that.

    Furthermore, some people prefer to buy in more or less. This should be allowed, bounded by reasonable minimums and maximums.

    They're really overthinking this entire project.
    It will be a site with literally nothing but Run it Once / Galfond fan boys … FAIL

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    They are overthinking it for sure!

    Stick to the basics of looking at what people want out of a site.

    People want fair games, fair rake (as fair as it can be), a nice working interface, decent stakes across the board, a site that shows it cares about it's players (Pokerstars pre black friday), and a player pool that has a lot of recs in it. The last one can be hard to obtain but all the others are things you can control.

    Nail the basics first and develop a good reputation should be the initial goal.

    Don't confuse the hell out of recreational players with these weird ideas because that will scare them off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeerAndPoker View Post
    They are overthinking it for sure!

    Stick to the basics of looking at what people want out of a site.

    People want fair games, fair rake (as fair as it can be), a nice working interface, decent stakes across the board, a site that shows it cares about it's players (Pokerstars pre black friday), and a player pool that has a lot of recs in it. The last one can be hard to obtain but all the others are things you can control.

    Nail the basics first and develop a good reputation should be the initial goal.

    Don't confuse the hell out of recreational players with these weird ideas because that will scare them off.
    Pretty much all of

    I mean phil is a smart guy, who has made tens of millions playing poker...he of all people should know what fancy play syndrome is...that what a lotta this bullshit is...fancy play when it's really not needed at a poker site...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrTickle View Post
    Finally, an update:

    #1: An Update and a Plan

    Hey, all. It feels like a lifetime ago that I announced the impending launch of Run It Once Poker. I said that we’d be coming soon to provide a viable alternative in the online poker market - one that cares about and believes many of the things that you likely do.

    You rallied behind us, you pledged your support, you were ready and waiting to play and, unfortunately, we missed our target.

    Today, I’d like to explain why that happened, provide an update on our progress, and discuss one of our core values that I intend to do a better job delivering on.

    A poker site should be transparent.
    You didn’t hear many updates from me over this past year. There were good reasons for this, and if I had it to do over again I’m not sure what I’d change, but I’m disappointed because I told you the kind of poker site we wanted to be and my infrequent updates gave you reason to doubt we’d follow through.

    Transparency is something that was, and still is, missing in online poker. It’s not easy for a large company to be transparent - I’m not criticizing or pointing fingers at other operators. I’m just stating, once again, that we at Run It Once believe very strongly in being as transparent as reasonably possible.

    In this update, and especially in the several that will soon follow (more on that later), I’m going to do my best to show you the level of transparency we intend to deliver.

    What’s Been Going On?
    I know how common software development delays occur. I knew it before we started (though perhaps not as much as I know it now!). Believe it or not, I built a decent cushion into the estimate I was given for my first announcement.

    Our software delays weren’t the typical delays that come with the territory. We made some significant missteps early in our software development (I don’t just mean our tech team - I’m as much to blame as anyone) and it set us on a course that’s been very difficult to navigate.

    After a change in leadership early last year, our new tech team had to get acquainted with what was handed off to them, evaluate our options, and develop and propose a plan - not a quick process - and in the meantime we continued down the path we were on. Eventually, they came up with a plan they were excited about, but it wouldn’t be an easy choice for us.

    One option was to stay the course, where we’d made significant progress but would be faced with slower future development.

    The other was to redo several things in a way that allowed for more flexibility and for us to create everything we’d dreamt up, but taking those steps backward meant a much later launch date.

    As a new plan was being developed and as we wrestled with our options, I didn’t know what kind of update I could offer you all. So I kept quiet, even once we chose our path, because after my experience with the first announcement, I didn’t want to make any promises that I couldn’t keep.

    Our Decision
    So, what do you do when you can’t choose between two options?

    We didn't want to push back launch even further, but it's extremely important to us that we bring all of our ideas to life, so we combined our options into one that we believe gives us the best of both worlds.

    We decided to stay on course and deliver part of our offering quickly while also working on changes that will allow much more flexibility in our development process going forward. This meant a sped up launch, but a slightly slower path to our final product.

    The result of this is that we will be launching Run It Once Poker in 2 phases.

    We’ve come far enough on Phase 1 that we’ve just begun our private beta, which means I’m finally ready to announce a launch window.

    Phase 1 - Launching Summer 2018
    We didn’t want to launch a subpar version of anything, so, with a long and difficult road ahead, we focused all efforts on our cash game offering.

    Our Phase 1 platform will provide cash games that (we think) look and feel great and include some exciting and innovative features.

    Tournaments will be added in Phase 2 (more on that below).

    We decided on this for a few reasons:

    We didn’t want to release anything we aren’t proud of, so launching with unpolished and partial versions of multiple offerings was off the table.
    We figured that you’d rather have something from us than to wait much longer for us to offer everything.
    We were furthest along on cash games, and even if we hadn't been, launching with tournaments only would be extremely challenging for a new site fighting for liquidity.
    What to Expect from Phase 1
    Though Phase 1 includes cash games only and won’t have all of the options and flexibility that will be in our final product (at least not right at launch), we’ve built a product we’re proud of that will deliver on our vision and our values.

    A poker site needs to believe in the dream of poker as a career. It shouldn't cater to professionals over other players, but it must make every policy change with the viability of the dream in mind.
    We will set sensible rake for sustainable and beatable games.

    It should seek to build a fun and engaging environment that all types of players enjoy playing in.
    We’ll be offering a unique cash game experience, focused on fun and on pure, authentic poker.

    We will have an innovative player rewards system that I believe will make both pros and recreational players happy. One which will give slightly more rewards to dedicated pros while not leaving recreational players behind, will engage recreational players and pros alike, and will make it impossible for players to leave their rewards unclaimed - a big savings for many poker sites at the expense of uninformed amateurs and aloof pros like me!

    A poker site should believe in fairness... It shouldn't let honest players, professional or recreational, be taken advantage of by others exploiting unenforceable rules. It should seek to put a stop to predatory behavior and to cheating of any kind. It should strive to create as level a playing field as possible.

    New problems should be met with creative solutions.
    We will protect recreational players by eliminating or severely disincentivizing multiple forms of predatory behavior in many different ways, including some original concepts. As new threats arise, as they inevitably will over time, we’ll find a way to fight back. We have been and will remain dedicated to making Run It Once a level playing field.

    We have some fun features and distinct policies that you’ll have to wait to hear about, but I assure you that Run It Once Poker, even in Phase 1, will be different from the rest.

    What to Expect from Phase 2
    If you like our Phase 1 product, you’ll love what’s coming in Phase 2. (Read this in an announcer voice. My voice won’t work.)

    Phase 2 will include:

    General software enhancements, more user options
    A distinct SNG offering
    An innovative Tournament experience
    An awesome nosebleed stakes offering, with several unique ideas from someone who's played these games for a long time and thinks he knows what they need!
    I just became ready to announce Phase 1, so I’m still a ways away from sharing estimates for Phase 2. You’ll hear from me on that once I have something concrete to tell you.

    So, When’s the Next Update?
    As I alluded to, I’ll be working to deliver the transparency you were promised.

    The Phase 1 details above were left vague for a reason. Between now and our launch, I will be making several posts, each one dedicated to specific policies and features we’ll have at Run It Once Poker.

    I’ll share the decisions we made and the concepts we came up with. I’ll explain exactly why we chose certain policies over others and I’ll detail the thought process behind our ideas, because that’s what the poker community deserves from a poker site.

    I’ll probably share some designs and other fun stuff along the way!

    The online poker landscape has changed since we began building Run It Once Poker. Some operators have made commendable improvements, while others have drifted even further from what we believe online poker should be.

    We’re as excited as we’ve ever been to play our part in pushing online poker in the right direction, and we’re doing everything we can to make it worth the wait. 38337
    I am in love with all of this Phill...

    No huds or scripters and a reward system for recs..

    Auto seating at cash games...GREAT!!!

    Tournament structure,s geared for recs..


    It must have an honest feel!!!!!!

    Bring!! The rec$!!! AND THE REST!!!! WILL FOLLOW!!!!

    love the spirit of the site your trying create..

    Hope you take new York.. there is at least one rec here who will deposit and play on day 1...

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    I saw this video as a recommendation on my youtube sidebar feed and guess Galfond posted the preview of Run It Once Poker nearly two weeks ago.

    Not really sure what to think or if I should even care being American who can't play on it but I guess it looks better then some clients out there. His ideas/vision for the site obviously will continue to have strong critique.

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    I think Phil is a nice guy and is trying hard here. He also definitely has some innovative ideas, and is really attempting to achieve the balance between a site catering to pros and one catering to recs.

    Still, I think this whole thing is going to be full of fail.

      thesparten: Ignore the grinders and "table selection" crowd. BRING THE RECS, THE REST!!! WILL FOLLOW!!! ITS THAT SIMPLE.

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    Galfond was great on the new Joey podcast. He has great ideas (especially in regards to twitch/marketing).


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    MrTickle is referring to this:

    It's a program he calls "streamR".

    Basically you qualify for anywhere between 50% and 110% rakeback if you stream Twitch while you play Run It Once. The percentage you get is based upon how many hours your stream is viewed, when you add up all the viewers together:

    Level 1: 50% rakeback for 200 hours of watch time
    Level 2: 75% rakeback for 1200 hours of watch time
    Level 3: 100% rakeback for 8000 hours of watch time
    Level 4 (named the “Team RIO” level): 110% rakeback for 20,000 hours of watch time

    On the surface, this seems forward-thinking and genius. Twitch streams of online poker have grown in popularity in recent years. They haven't been well monetized for the streamer, however, except when the streamer manages to get enough mainstream popularity to where he gets sponsorships (Jason Somervile is a good example).

    So here Galfond is making an offer which will be beneficial for both the Twitch streamer AND Run It Once, as it will basically be free advertising for Galfond's site, and will cost him relatively little. And it will reach the exact target demographic of online poker players! Wow!!!

    Of course, within every great innovative promotion are holes which the less scrupulous will exploit.

    This one isn't particularly hard to figure out.

    Let's say we have two Russian friends, Sergei and Vladmir. Sergei loves the idea of 110% rakeback, but has a rather boring personality, doesn't speak good English, and isn't very good at promoting himself. But wait!! His friend Vladmir is an excellent programmer. Sergei has an idea: "What if I just get Vladmir to make 1000 Twitch bots to watch my stream?" With 1000 viewers, Sergei will hit 20,000 hours of watch time in just 20 hours of streaming. Easy, right?

    But wait, there's more!

    Once Sergei qualifies for 110% rakeback, he has Vladmir start a channel and pull the same thing. Now Vladmir and Sergei wil BOTH have 110% rakeback.

    Now, guess what? All they have to do is play heads up all day and all night with the same bankroll, and the guaranteed cash (in the form of 10% of all rake paid) will roll in, given that they will be earning more in rakeback per hand than rake is paid. In fact, they could even run bots to play each other for many hours at a time.

    Perhaps you might say that they would get caught doing this, as it wouldn't be difficult for Galfond's team to detect two guys with 110% rakeback doing nothing but playing heads up against each other.

    Okay, say that Sergei and Vladmir have 4 other friends. Say that they all sit in a 6-max game together, perhaps all with bots, and all sharing a bankroll? Same deal. Guaranteed money from Run It Once.

    This can and will happen.

    And even if it doesn't go as far as people playing each other heads up to exploit the 110% rakeback, at the very least we will have exploitation of Twitch in order to earn the 110% rakeback, and that part is very hard to detect, because Galfond's access to user information on Twitch is very limited.

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