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Thread: No more November 9 -- Live coverage of ME starting on Day 1A (and PokerCentral now has rights)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shizzmoney View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BeerAndPoker View Post
    Your points are all valid on this. For dedicated viewers or advanced players we like to see these things but I question if the noob watcher will.
    In my conversations with "noobs" and otherwise other casual players who watch the WSOP, the players they remember and talk about whenever the WSOP ME broadcast comes up, are usually the ones with the crazy antics that create polarizing opinions, like Kassouf, Eric Molina, Curtis Rystadt, etc. This is why Jamie Gold's run created so much buzz for the WSOP: yes, it happened during the boom era, but also his loose play, amazing run good, and the constant angle shooting was always a topic of conversation as supposed to the good players who more advanced fans want to see play just because the quality of the poker itself is why they tune in for, and not the circus show (which draws in the casual viewer).

    I've also met Mori a few times (I was a good friend of an assistant key grip on his production team), he's a cool dude and understands the balance of personality, simplicity, and information in poker broadcasts. I miss the PAD format.
    Don't forget Dmitri Nobles. 2006 was the gold standard for televised WSOP. If they could recreate half of that they would have a winner. "I bagged the elephant" "Top Top". The disaster that is Eric Molina. It was perfect.

      sah_24: ha that was hilarious

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    As mentioned on radio, Firefox and Microsoft Edge block Flash, making the stream unwatchable on desktop and laptop computers using those browsers.

    They have been broadcasting the $300k Super High Roller Bowl since yesterday, so people are upset about this. Also I'm seeing reports that the PokerGo app isn't in the Google Play store yet for Android.

    Chrome also blocks flash (well, every browser in 2017 does).

    This can be changed by fiddling with some settings and giving the site full permissions, but you'd think if one was going to charge for a service they'd have the compatibility stuff figured out *before* launch. It's kinda of a big deal, especially when it comes to Android devices and stuff isn't one size fits all.

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    CRTV, LLC d/b/a Poker Central

    3960 Howard Hughes Parkway Suite#500
    Las Vegas, NV 89169

    Over 1,000 different companies operate out of this suite.
    They forward mail and answer the phone for you.
    It is what we call a virtual office.

    I think the guy who started this company takes the video footage home.
    I'm sure he uses photoshop and any video editing software.
    Why not run the company out of a fucking mail box?

    Not sure who the investors are in this bullshit company but they will never make money from this business.

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    Anyone who claims PokerGo is a new business so people should be patient is being too naive when it's re-branded subscription version of the free streaming Poker Central channel that you could watch on various platforms such as chromecast, roku, and amazon fire which I don't think PokerGo is available yet on any of those players.

    With the experience of the free channel platform their should be no excuses as to why PokerGo is having so many technical issues right now. It's also a joke they waited until 6 days before SHRB to launch when if they were much more prepared a lot of this could have been avoided.

    All the promo codes I've seen are for $10 off an annual subscription which is lol when sites like netflix give new signups a free month and their is obviously a whole lot more content on netflix then pokergo.

    I'd never give these clowns a year worth of subscription upfront because nobody knows where it will truly be in 6 months time but right now all the reports are that PokerGo is an unstable piece of shit that launched without much preparation.

    An interaction platform like Twitch works because people tend to enjoy discussing things in real time with chat and they can't with this. A lot of those people would pay $10 a month too for that sort of thing.

    I have heard that their have already been several streams pop up on various platforms airing SHRB illegally.
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    PokerGo schedule finally released.

    The internet got very angry.

    Name:  pokergo.png
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    People are angry that there's no $50k Poker Players Championship, many missing $10k events (including the $10k limit holdem I'll be playing), and no $25k PLO.

    Also, many are pissed that this was released AFTER the WSOP started, and many people already plunked down $10 or more for a subscription.

    Only about 20% of all events are covered.

    Here's the Twitter thread where everyone got pissed:

    I don't understand why there are so many "off" days here. For example, during the period of June 19-26, which encompasses 8 days, they are only broadcasting 3 final tables.

    From June 11-15, a period of 5 days, they are only broadcasting 1 final table.

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    ^^^ - They are going hard pushing the one year subscriptions because the people that do sign up a lot of them will only remain as customers through the WSOP and not come back until some huge live cash game happens or until next year's WSOP.

    The business model is such a fail but what I am wondering is if they aren't covering the mixed game events because they see no future use with them? With rights to the programming PokerGo may be able to use it on low budget cable where mixed games containing no hole card cameras won't transition well.
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    Such a disappointment not every event's Final Table isnt televised or even on tape delay. The a big selling point for potential punters...most of whom that if they are fortunate to make the FT, they get to be on a stream to show their family and friends.

    The WSOP when streaming was free, did this. Now they want me to pay for a product with less content? #fail

    Also....the pokergo stream vids are going on youtube an hour after they air so you can just wait lol

    "Donk down, that’s what you say to someone after they have lost 28K straight?" - Phil Hellmuth, online

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheXFactor View Post
    CRTV, LLC d/b/a Poker Central

    Not sure who the investors are in this bullshit company but they will never make money from this business.
    Las Vegas billionaire sues conservative media outlet over $20M loan

    Cary Katz, a Las Vegas billionaire and one of the state’s largest right-wing political donors, has sued an arm of Conservative Review over a $20 million loan.
    Katz filed the lawsuit April 20 in District Court against CRTV LLC.
    According to the complaint, CRTV borrowed more than $20 million from Katz, an owner of the media company, during the past year and a half.
    Katz is most widely known for playing in some of the world’s richest poker tournaments.
    The suit claims that CRTV, through manager Elizabeth Wood, agreed in July to repay a principal sum of $10 million, along with 5 percent annual interest. It claims Wood executed a second promissory note in January with the same terms.
    So that's how PokerGo makes money.

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