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Thread: Druff & Friends Show - 12/06/2017 - Fire and Cold

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    Druff & Friends Show - 12/06/2017 - Fire and Cold

    Druff broadcasts the show as a wildfire burns ominously near his secret location. Video emerges of Solomon Ponte (Hashtagking) being beaten up in underground poker game in June. David Baazov insider trading trial to begin December 11. Indian casino fraud discussions: Viejas cheats customer out of $134k car won in contest, San Manuel 10% bonus promotion labeled a "mistake" and refused to PFA listener. New Jersey tries again to get sportsbetting legalized. Bill proposed in New Jersey to allow them to join existing international online poker sites. Man from former Soviet republic of Georgia arrested for cheating at craps in Vegas. Church pastor tries to rob same Vegas casino three times before being caught. Inside the Evil Empire Part 8. Porn star kills herself after online backlash due to refusing to have sex with bisexual man. Druff battles with a new cold which symptoms arise during the broadcast. Calls from badguy23, Mr. Tickle, ChicksDigIt, Mumbles. traderusky, khalwat, and Drexel co-host portions of the show.

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