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Thread: Druff & Friends Show - 03/07/2018 - Remember When?

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    Druff & Friends Show - 03/07/2018 - Remember When?

    PartyPoker shuts down tournament when guarantee was falling way short, but was it intentional? Paul Magriel dies at 71. Can illegally operating casinos come after me in US for stiffing them? Should Pokerstars have a "right" to enter California market after the massive fine they paid for operating illegally? Former PFA user recently claimed UB blackjack shuffle wasn't random, and he beat them for a lot of money. What was Druff's actual involvement in uncovering AP and UB cheating? Colluders find a creative way to cheat ACR guarantee. Sands Gaming makes boneheaded mistake which prevents them from opening "mini casino" in Pennsylvania. UK clamping down on large online poker sites trying to make it difficult for customers to withdraw -- a Colonel Fabersham report. thesparten calls in at the end of the show. tradershky co-hosts.

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