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Thread: Tournament Prize Pool with Re-Entries

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    Tournament Prize Pool with Re-Entries

    Where should the money collected from re-entries be allocated? I witnessed a re-entry tournament with 150 runners. The top 15 spots were paid (top 10%). As the tournament progressed there were an 100 re-entries. Should this extra money be added to the 15 spots, or should the top 10% now be expanded to pay the top 25 spots and the re-entry money spread across the top 25?

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    Based on my experience and logic. The re-entries should be counted monetarily as additional runners thus expanding the pay field to additional people.. Basing that on what happens online on several platforms so I guess the 150 runners should count as 250 entries in my book and then that would adjust the payouts and expand the number of folks paid accordingly.

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