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Thread: 5Dimes Poker is stealing 54 thousand dollars from me

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    That's great.

    Did you get any sort of apology or response? Or did the money just appear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
    After Sportsbookreview helped me with this matter, 5dimes has returned all funds. Thank you to Mr. Druff and all of you here in helping me out!!!
    Grats dude ! Cashout to bitcoin and rub on the titties ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    What shady assholes.

    They raked a ton of BBJ money all that time. You were in some of those games, keeping them active.

    So, yes, you contributed to the site even though you won money and never deposited. Plus you played UNDER THEIR RULES.

    But yeah, this look like just an excuse to steal BBJ money. As you said, they never put it back in the pool.

    Wouldn't even surprise me if some lower-tier managers are in cahoots to pull this off, and are going to keep it for themselves.

    Is there not a Jurisdictional Gaming board in Costa Rica governing the On line gaming that you can report these sites to?

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    lo and behold to those who hear!It is a miracle of the season! i woulda bet he never see a dime. Guarantee Tony made the call. wow.good job to all.!

    hint: Bet 250 app on both games this weekend. play some Lottery Numbers in your state on 25$ worth of me..patriots/ rams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daly View Post
    Lol - and it was won heads up. Less people to bitch.

    I wouldn’t give five fucking cents to 5 dimes. Anyone who deposits there is fucking crazy.
    The offer -105 lines (or at leas they did, haven't played there in years) and as long as you are a recreational losing bettor that just bets sides (which is exactly what I was when I used their site) you will be fine. I used to hear a lot of horror stories back in the day, and it always revolved around guys who won big chunks of money at once (normally big parlays) and tried to withdraw. They just aren't cool with that. They also aren't cool with people like OP who took advantage of promotions to build their bankroll and weren't steady donators, and tried to withdraw money. But even if you were a steady donator, if you won a big sum at once and tried to withdraw it they always did shady stuff to block it. That is their MO as far as I know.

    Glad you were able to use sportsbookreview to leverage them to pay out.
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